This is for licensed and current local 7 members and contractors.

Monday and Wednesday nights 5PM -9PM for 2 weeks Starting 7/17/23 through 7/26/23 . OR

Tuesday and Thursday nights 5PM – 9PM for 2 weeks Starting 9/19/23 through 9/28/23

Free for contributing members and contractors. Non-contributing Members will be Charged $150.
Code books available at the JATC office for $125.


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Next meeting will be September 27th 2023 @ 3:30PM

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October 2nd 2023 @ 3:30PM

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Last scheduled meeting of this cycle will most likely be in January


Meeting not scheduled yet

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There are 6 basic steps you must complete to get into the apprenticeship program.

  1. Attend an Informational Session: Informational Sessions are held each month from September through January. Wages, school hours, school location, dues, benefits, types of work performed, and cost to the apprentice will be discussed along with answering any questions that may arise.NOTE: Please see the calendar or review the upcoming events list for Informational Session dates. Informational Session dates will be posted when available.
  2. Complete the checklist of required documents needed to apply: this checklist is handed out at the end of the Informational Session.
  3. Once your checklist is completed you may call the JATC office for an appointment to fill out an application.
  4. You are now qualified to take our aptitude test. You will be scheduled to take the test late winter/early spring.
  5. If you score a 4 or better on the 1-9 scale on the aptitude test you will qualify for an oral interview: you will be scheduled to interview early in the spring.
  6. You will be ranked on the average of the 8 scores from the interview panel and possibly accepted into the program.

Some of the basic requirements for becoming an apprentice are:

1. Minimum age 18
2. High School Education or GED
3. One Year of High School Algebra
4. Qualifying Score on an Aptitude Test
5. Drug Free
6. Drivers License
7. Resume

Must live in Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin or Berkshire County

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